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Online Accounting Software which imports and categorizes your Bank Transactions auto-magically.

Use our invoice generation tool to create invoices on the move. You won’t have to waste a single moment. You can save over 70% of the time spent on data entry by passing entries on your bank transactions automatically. Had a business meal? Want to put it on to your expense list? No worries.. Just use the expense tab, add the expense amount, click a photo of your bill using your phone’s camera and save it. You are ready to go. Make things easy for yourself, view your report. Monthly, weekly, or daily, all under your own control. A very comprehensive app meant for any type of business.

Helping you do what you love the most… your business!


  • Quick turnaround time to dealer’s request
  • Effective tiers of risk for client acquisition(already a sub-prime credit popoulation
  • Focus on right groups for collection
  • Profitable debt management system


  • Client acquisition – Risk to default
  • Collection risk- Propensity to pay
  • Recovery Optimization- What book of debt to sell , what to write off


  • Insights and behavioural mining from internal data
  • Model the “baked” clients business nauances
  • Experienced team of consultants