Driving success by building real-time analytics applications with open-source technologies


Irisidea assists organizations grow by building streaming data pipelines using open-source streaming, processing and analytics platforms. We collaborate in decision making on adoption of various tools, frameworks, and platforms, required for different phases of data streaming & engineering life cycle.


Streaming in real-time with Kafka

Build real-world real-time streaming applications that integrate and analyze high velocity data sources. Right from designing & building new systems to fine-tuning existing systems.


Real-time distributed processing with Apache Flink

A framework and distributed processing engine, Flink enables stateful computations across both unbounded and constrained data streams.


Real-time analytics with Apache Druid

Irisidea helps you build real-time data streaming, processing and analytical applications using Apache Kafka-Flink-Druid.


Kafka+Flink+Druid = Stream > Process > Analyze

Irisidea helps organizations build real-time data streaming, processing and analytical applications using open-source Apache Kafka+Flink+Druid together.

15 Years of delivery excellence

AI & Machine Learning

With Irisidea’s AI collaboration, you will not only learn how to quickly move past your AI journey roadblocks, but will also realize the much required operational gains of machine intelligence.


Internet of Things (IoT)

A structured approach to understanding your business needs is used to identify your IoT needs and solutions, thereby accelerating your time to market with low risk.


B2B & B2C eCommerce

We innovate and generate business-focused solutions and facilitate transition of businesses from traditional to e-business models to help them in becoming modern enterprises.



KafkaView || real-time Kafka cluster monitoring

KafkaView is a browser based utility by Irisidea to monitor the multi-node distributed Kafka cluster at real-time, anytime to analyze and keep optimizing the resources to enable the cluster perform at its best always.

RouteEye || real-time vehicle tracking system

RouteEye is a SaaS based revolutionizing Fleet Management System that seamlessly integrates GPS and GSM modules to provide Real-time Vehicle Tracking data, helps in route planning, and anomaly detection.

RETISS || real-time field-staff monitoring

RETISS is a simple, ready-to-use field-staff management system that seamlessly provides real-time staff tracking data, and helps in optimizing & monitoring staff resources. Anomaly alerts keeps productivity on track.

Connect > Map > Transform > Transport

Build data pipes in minutes with no coding for your data ingestion and integration needs

  • Bring data from a multitude of your enterprise sources​​
  • Connects multiple data sources and targets​
  • Seamless ingestion of data as its moves from source to target
  • Apply transformation, governance & quality rules during data flow
  • Ensure zero data loss
  • Transport your data to your choice of targets

Connect > Map > Transform > Transport

for your data ingestion and integration needs

Ready to realize your data dreams?
transport data from any source to your choice of target

iAUCTION - bidding commerce solutions

Turn your auction site into a smart eCommerce auction site within minutes with our ready to use auction software that builds an online bidding sites and comes with loads of features. We can also provide a  customized solution, that fits you need.

ready to use | 100% code access | on-demand installation | post-deployment support

Lowest unique bid

Highest unique bid​

Penny auction

Reverse auction

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Our identity

Founded in 2010, Irisidea TechSolutions is a Data Driven, Innovative & Research Oriented Company based in India with its branch in Canada.

With continual research in the emerging technologies space, Irisidea helps organisations with achieving their digital transformation goal.

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commitment to excellence

remain agile

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The technologists leadership

The technologists leadership

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Committed & focused delivery team

Committed & focused delivery team

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