Reviews from our satisfied clients

It’s always a joy to hear that our work has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.

“You essentially saved the project. After the bad experience I had with the original developer,  I think this project would have died if it weren’t for you and your team staying engaged with it. I am optimistic about direction of project because of your group”

Dan Marks

Dan MarksFounder - SPCCharts

“Being in the messaging space and with advent of rise in A2P/OTT messages we wanted a solution that would scale infinitely for handling huge messages. We found Kafka to be the right fit and when looking for expertise to set up and perform load/soak tests to set up the base for an infinitely scalable messaging platform, we came across Irisidea and their in-depth knowledge in Kafka helped us realize the dream in a short time frame.”

Aravindan Gunathilagaraj

Aravindan GunathilagarajCTO/VP-Engineering - TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd

“The team Irisidea have been very helpful and their work on our website have made a significant difference to our business with a remarkable increase in traffic to the updated website. The experienced staffs worked with us to design and implement our vision quickly, efficiently and to a superior standard. their capabilities in web and mobile app development is remarkable. With Kislay as our point of contact, they have always been very easy to contact and have remained thoroughly approachable, before and during the development phase. A real pleasure to work with Irisidea.”

Vikash Gupta

Vikash GuptaCEO & Founder - VaR Capital

The passion of Irisidea to use their expertise and talented people to provide a solution that is modern and user friendly has created enormous value and exciting opportunities for our organization to present our customers something new and innovative.

Vinay Rajappa

Vinay RajappaCEO & Founder - Hearts Media

Firstly, myself and David wanted to let you know that how grateful we are to have found you and your company Irisidea. Managing a project from different time-zones has never been easier and needs a large amount of effort, commitment and trust from both parties.You always acted above and beyond our expectations. You should be proud of the fact that we are not only delighted but amazed at your abilities. We want to have a long and lasting relationship with Irisidea going ahead.

Pankaj Bains

Pankaj BainsCEO & Founder - EK Group, Canada

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John Smith

John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler

John Smith

John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler

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John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler

John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler

John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler