Company overview

Irisidea was founded in 2010 and started as B2B & B2C enterprise eCommerce solutions company. Over the years, however, it has established itself as one of the very few companies doing innovations in the space of real-time data streaming, processing and analytics using open-source technologies and helping organizations revolutionize their business.

Irisidea is an innovative & research oriented software products & solutions company and with continual research around volumes of data, it helps organisations getting the right insight at right time, critical for defining business strategy & direction.

It has delivery centers in Ontario (Canada) & Bangalore (India). It also has partners in USA & Russia.

“We see ourselves as an extension of client business goals & needs, and strive to work in a team-led collaborative manner. With this collaboration, clients not only learn how to move past their data journey roadblocks & accept digital data tsunami challenge, but also realize the much needed operational gains of machine intelligence.”

Services we serve to all over the world

With our expertise in handling data and transform it, we enable companies to transform their business by  visualizing their data and take a futuristic strategical decision.

AI & Data Science

Data Engineering

Real-time Streaming

Navigation Mobile Apps

IoT based Automation

B2B & B2C eCommerce

The technologists leadership

The Technologists Leadership

Led by a team of seasoned technologists who belief that the best way to deliver projects in a volatile environment is, to use structured practices , highly disciplined & iterative processes , by encouraging communication & innovation, and to support skilled people in doing their jobs with great satisfaction.

Domain experts


We see ourselves as an extension of client business goals & needs, and strive to work in a team led collaborative manner.

Committed & focused delivery team

Committed & Focused Delivery Team

The team of certified professionals has successfully been delivering short term, emergency, long term, high profile & large scale projects , and is flexible to deal with changes without sacrificing predictability.

The technologists leadership

Versatile Domain Exposure

- Telecom - Healthcare - Online Retail - Banking & Finance - Automobile - Delivery

Domain experts

Process Competency

Team of Professionals & Leadership certified with PMP, ITIL, TOGAF, Agile

Committed & focused delivery team

Behavioral Competency

- Flexibility to adjust as per the project demand. - Determination and Persistence - Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers - Ability to quickly get expertise on new domains & technologies - Strong communication skills (written, verbal, nonverbal) - Enthusiastic & passionate team

Strong Tech Profile

- Data Engineering - Artificial Intelligence/ ML - Big Data & Analytics - Kafka Consulting - Enterprise eCommerce - Internet of Things (IoT) - Application Services - BPM & ERP - Mobility Solutions

Fundamental Principles

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles. We build trust by acting with integrity, and maintaining a high standard of ethical, honest, safe and transparent business practice in a fair working environment.

Customer First

We are oriented towards serving the client’s needs, and measure customer-satisfaction levels in order to determine the success of their business.

Commitment to Excellence

We take it as our responsibility to ensure that we deliver prudent and superior quality products and services that align with our strategy and the needs of our clients.


We are accountable for the impact of our actions, behaviours and decisions on customers, fellow employees, and the communities in which we operate.

Focus on People

Our people are our strength and the knowledge, commitment and talent of our diverse population of employees is what drives our success and enables us to be an industry leader

Remain Agile

We believe in being continuously research oriented and Agile in our approach, which means while we strive to remain on the edge technically, we don’t forget to meet our clients’ deadlines and business needs.  We appreciate frequent feedbacks from various sources and are always grateful for any opportunity of learning.

Vision & Mission


We see ourselves as an extension of client’s business goals and needs, and strive to work in a team-led collaborative manner, which shall take all of us on the trajectory of setting new standards and examples for the Industry. 

Irisidea‘s vision:

  • To deliver high quality services to our customers with an international standard
  • To exceed Customer’s expectation and create great sense of reliability
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Commitment to Employees
  • To create a world of innovation, with a team filled with energy, enthusiasm and a continuous thirst for learning


Irisidea is committed to offer break-through solutions to its customers. Irisidea also strive to create a world of innovation, with a team filled with energy, enthusiasm and a continuous thirst for learning.

 Irisidea‘s mission is to:

  • Drive Digital Transformation by building top class technical competency in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data , Data Engineering and IoT.
  • Help businesses to get benefited from their data by utilizing our integration, processing and transformation engines.
  • Build highly innovative and User Friendly yet cost effective E-Commerce B2B & B2C solutions.
  • Excel in Developing Enterprise Applications and consulting, migration, transition and support services
  • Innovate and invest in products/solutions for next generation.

Quality Policy

Irisidea’s quality process is very comprehensive and defines detailed quality assurance and control procedures to maintain consistent high quality at each level. We are committed to creating value for our customers through our information technology services and products by delivering high quality IT solutions with enhanced productivity at optimized cost.

Quality Policy Statement

“Always deliver high quality software solutions, products and services, on time, within budget and by exceeding customer expectations”

We achieve this by excellence through:

  • People involvement and development

  • Continuous process improvement

  • Enhancement in Productivity

  • Profit sustainability

Irisidea is ISO-9001-2015 company

Irisidea is now an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

In an effort to keep improving the quality of our overall execution & delivery and make customers delight, we always go beyond our comfort zone and to say the least, we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification to extend the faith shown in our brand value.

Standard of Business Conduct

  • Honest and Ethical Business Operation
  • No harassment no discrimination
  • Maintaining business records
  • Respect of intellectual property rights
  • Gifts rules
  • Cyber-security
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Safe worksites & assets
  • Comply with business rules
  • Work with vendors responsibly
  • Win the right manner
  • Social contribution
  • Better work culture
  • Disclosure
  • Discovery of Issues and prompt measures
  • Opportunities to enhance individual capabilities
  • Global Businesses

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