Kafka Service Engagement – Reference – 1

Kafka Service Engagement - Reference – 1

Platform Monetization using Apache Kafka


  • A global leader in IT solutions, BPO, business consulting services & digital technologies
  • This solution is for one of the biggest global telecom giant.


  • Telco customer is currently having an existing CEM platform which publishes the data using UDP. Data is currently being published in batch Mode to CLM and there is no provision either to encrypt data or filter out the unwanted data before it is published.
  • Telco is looking out for platform that filters out PII data and then encrypt remaining data before it is published to vendors on a real time basis.


  • Apache Kafka based data streaming platform
  • Custom UDP Adaptor and Integrated Kafka Producer
  • Two-way multithreaded UDP-Kafka adapter
  • Kafka Streams API for real time data processing logic
  • Two-way multithreaded data processor
  • External UI based Key Management with Rollover feature
  • Secure Data Encryption using Hashicorp Enterprise Vault
  • Vertical scalability with thread pool configuration
  • Horizontal scalability with multiple instances of adapter & processor
  • Centralized Log/Metric collection from all components including Application Logs
  • Elastic Enterprise Beats and Off-the-shelf Reports


  • Insights and behavioural mining from internal data
  • Model the “baked” clients business nauances
  • Experienced team of consultants
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