AR & AI Based Vehicle Service Analysis

AR & AI Based Vehicle Service Analysis


When a vehicle arrives at the service center, it takes a lot much time and effort to understand the existing problems and fetching the past service details in order to fix the issues and predict the immediate future issue which should also be fixed otherwise, e.g. due to wear and tear, some parts may fail soon after the service, if cant be figured out during the current service.


The business is into Monitoring and tracking the logistical movements of entities for various geographical locations. Data is stored and maintained for purpose to increase logistical performance by taking shortest distance and touching all the nearest location possible.


  • Collected or gathered information has many faulty and missing data.
  • Time required to fetch the historical data.
  • Faulty prediction accuracy
  • Hence business is not able to predicate best possible outcomes expected.

What Worked

  • Integrating AR & AI could help creating 3D view of the Vehicle with minute details of its parts.
  • Past Data is been mined and segregated from each system involved in the end to end process and categorized.
  • Historical data of the parts serviced and issues resolved was available on fingertips which helped servicing the vehicle accurately and in less time.