Data Engineering, Streaming & Cloud Solutions

Handling the data tsunami

Big Data has no specific formats and defies traditional storage systems. The data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured and generated faster than ever and handling this data tsunami can be very tricky at times. Our data engineering, data streaming and cloud solutions are meant to address this.

Major industries including Telecom, Oil & natural, Pharmaceuticals and many others have started using big data processing for the intricate analysis of data across all the dimension for making future strategic decisions.

Big Data Facts and Figures

We transform the data for you

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering service is the backbone of your data-driven success. We design, build, and maintain robust data pipelines, ensuring data quality, accessibility, and scalability. Transform your raw data into actionable insights, empowering smarter decisions and driving your business forward.

Technical Expertise

Leverage Irisidea’s technical expertise for your voyage to data streaming, processing and analyzing boundary-less Data Ocean. 

We will be hand-holding, solution provider, assist on decision making on adoption of various open source frameworks & tools needed on different phases of data processing life cycle.

Platforms & Solutions

We offer intuitive, intelligent and easy-to-use platforms and solutions for non technical business leaders to make sense of data

We help data driven enterprises, to take cost, time, coding, and demand for technical skills out of their data initiatives.

Life-cycle of data

Distributed incubator

The process of persisting data in various format is an integral part of any business….

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Data absorption

Data absorption or ingestion is the process of moving huge volume of heterogeneous business data from multiple data-sources.

Data processing

Once the data is ingestion from various sources, it needs to be processed to make some sense out of it…

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360° analytical visualization

Exponential growth of data resulted from digitization posed challenges for the businesses, in terms of performance and capacity…

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Data security

Traditional security mechanisms are fragile when applied on huge volume of data. Data generation is a continues process for organizations…

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Data in motion

A high-performance, heavy demand real-time data streaming, processing and analytics, supported by various frameworks and platforms can accelerate the business growth like never before.

Data Streaming with Kafka

Build real-time distributed data streaming solutions that integrate and analyze high velocity streaming data sources.

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Real-time distributed processing with Apache Flink

A framework and distributed processing engine, Flink enables stateful computations across both unbounded and constrained data streams.

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Real-time analytics with Apache Druid

A high-performance, real-time analytics database Druid can process queries on streaming and batch data at scale and under heavy demand in less than a second.

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Our data services


We help organizations to realize business growth and lower cost, besides increasing competitiveness, customer acquisition, and retention with data-driven decisions.

  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • Execution blueprints, Dashboards and KPIs
  • Tool, Technology, and Architecture
  • Benefits realization

Data governance

We advise organizations to define and implement data governance strategy, policies and frameworks to meet your changing business needs.

  • Strategy and Business alignment
  • Industry Regulation and Compliance
  • Governance Maturity Model
  • Hand-holding and Change Management
  • Tools, Technologies, and Frameworks
  • Training for Data Stewards, Data Owners, and Data Scientists

Data science & analytics

We help you discover business actionable insights from your data with right speed and agility

  • Implementation Services
  • Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Industry-specific Compliance & Operational reporting
  • Operational maintenance & support`


Analytics-as-a-service is uniquely prepared for organizations and business leaders, who want to stay ahead of the competition in addressing fast shifting dynamics of customers and markets.

The service is tailored to your needs and is provided to your organization without your investments in licenses, teams, skills, and infrastructure. We encourage our clients to own the data storage; although we do offer the management services as part of the package.

We have invested in tools, technologies, and expertise to bring required analytics on-demand and in a timely manner.

Unlike other players in the space with similar offerings, our platforms give us the confidence to offer you agility and changes in your demand without increased costs and time


The box contains

  • Industry standard dashboards
  • Associated KPIs
  • Data models
  • Facilities to fetch data from your data sources and populate in built in DW and Data Marts
  • Built-in and configurable required transformation
  • Industry specific and data set specific quality and compliance check

Typically you can start receiving the insights in your data within 48-72 hours.

Contact us for your specific needs and we will be happy to deliver your box.

Our experience with big data

Text data analysis/mining

Server Logs, docs, CSV, Emails, Blogs, Social Media

Streaming data analysis

Social Media Streaming Data Analysis to Improve an Ecommerce company sales. Weather Data Streaming

Data cleaning and refining

Data Cleaning and Refining for accurate analysis

Behaviour pattern analysis

Behaviour Pattern Analysis for telecom companies

Data ingestion & transportation

Ingesting and accumulating the huge volume of enterprise data from multiple data source to a single destination

Social sentiment analysis

Social media Sentiment Analysis for promotion/offer/discount

Analytical Dashboard for Industries

Value delivered

Improved product campaigns

By knowing the products trends, it was easy to strategies campaigns and offers.

Improved customer retention

By knowing customer’s sentiments and behavior, business was able to improve the customer base and retention.

Increased revenue

Helped business changing strategy to increase revenue on multi-channel commerce by analyzing products reviews from their customers.

Better diagnostic accuracy

Helped hospital hiring right health experts, expanding their reach and order specific medicines, using disease trend analysis which is crucial in epidemics.

Strategical decision making

Based on the dashboard and charts, decision making made easy for the management.

Increased sales

Analysed and predicted customers’ buying pattern for eCommerce company to improve the sales.

Optimal costing

Optimized cost for spare-parts by doing historical data analysis.

Increased self-service

Increased self service by empowering users with harmonized data and drilled down analytics.

Research papers & publications

Effective image analysis on twitter streaming using Hadoop eco system on Amazon web service EC2

Facebook data extraction using R & data processing in data lake

Analyze the huge application log files using HADOOP cluster on IBM cloud platform

Success Stories

Confluent Kafka to Apache Kafka Migration

Platform Monetization using Kafka

Modernization of existing middleware