B2C & B2B eCommerce Solutions for Business Transformation

Transforming business eCommerce way

With 15 years of experience in providing the custom B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions along with enterprise solutions on Oracle Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Magento, SAP Hybris, Drupal Commerce, Shopify &  WooCommerce for small businesses to big enterprises, Irisidea understands very well, as how to transform any offline business into a successful online B2B & B2C story.

B2B & B2C platforms capability

Ultimate control and agility for business users with oracle commerce cloud / ATG / endeca

Salesforce B2C commerce (Demandware) & B2B commerce (cloudcraze) power many of the world’s largest companies

Commercee – ready-to-use eCommerce platform from Irisidea

Commercee is a fully featured eCommerce platform for your business to sell online globally with the marketing tools, social integrations, and sales channels you need to get your products in front of customers.

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Key differentiators

Experienced team of developers, leads, architects and managers
A decade of proven track record of implementing B2C & B2B solutions
Effectively managed third party software integrations
Multi-brand / multi-vendor / multi-lingual / multi-currency solutions
Successful eCommerce deliveries across globe including USA, Europe & Asia
Strong in-house support team for smooth post-production transitions and operations

Our eCommerce offerings


We will work with you to understand your business and vision to create  a completely new eCommerce store from the scratch with a smooth journey from offline to online commerce.


Is your online store running on an older platform? Upgrading your existing eCommerce store to the latest platform version is a seamless process with us.


We integrate stores with several 3rd party tools / plugins / extensions, such as payment gateway, gift card, order fulfillment, social media, shipping gateway, SAP systems, CRM systems etc.


Migrate your eCommerce store running on any existing platform to any other platform of your choice without any hiccups and data loss and without bringing your business down.

Maintenance & support

With our post-production maintenance and support, we make you sit relax and minimize the impact of crashes, server breakdown, hacking and malware attacks.

Custom stores

We design your stores to match with the needs of your business goals and customers’ expectations.

Continual enhancement

With ongoing feature enhancements, your stores will always be loaded with capabilities of new generation customers.

Quality test

The quality testing makes your store an ideal place for customers with great shopping experience.

eCommerce journey


A good idea needs proper market study and clearly defined business goals, strategies, policies, target customers, regions, products, supplier base, pricing & fulfillment model and competition.


Correct requirement definition and right eCommerce platform, technologies, third party integrations and infrastructure are critical for any eCommerce portal design and development.


Creating physical and virtual inventory with supplier base and automating order fulfillment through third party integration such a payment gateway, shipping, warehouse, store pickup etc.


A portal with proper brand marketing and promotions through different media supported by offers, coupons, SEO/SEM, sales trends and customers sentiments analytics.

eCommerce Delivery Model

1. Inception

Identify business objectives, team structure, key milestones, and the high level project scope.

2. Elaboration

Determine key business requirements and develop a full project plan to meet those requirements, that includes a system requirements document, architecture design, an initial project plan for the entire project, and the identification and elimination of project risks.

3. Production

We complete final preparations and go live with your commerce solution. Some of the deliverable from this phase include complete integration testing, complete system UAT and final go-live launch.

4. Construction

Development proceeds in short, typically 3-4 week cycles, with a focus on high priority features and components first, so that the project can be built incrementally and enhanced in subsequent cycles. Each cycle delivers meaningful, visible, testable results, typically working code, so clients can review progress frequently and make changes or adjustments as required.

eCommerce products from Irisidea

Lowest unique bid script

Lowest Unique Bid Auction is one of the types of unique bids. Unlike the Highest Unique Bid, the winner is usually the individual / bidder with the lowest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

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Penny auction script

Penny Auction is an auction game, where participants pays a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental bid – the auction price increases by a small amount such as 0.01 or 0.06 cents.

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Reverse auction script

A reverse auction is similar to a unique bid auction as the basic principle remains the same; however, a unique bid auction follows the traditional auction format more closely as each bid is kept confidential and one clear winner is defined after the auction finishes.

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Highest unique bid script

Highest Unique Bid Auction is one of the types of unique bids. Unlike the Lowest Unique Bid, the winner is usually the individual / bidder with the highest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

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Success Stories

Multi-vendor fresh-store in Canada using Commercee

Multi-vendor, Multi-currency craft store in USA & India using Adobe Magento

Custom multi-vendor grocery store in USA using Laravel

SFCC (B2C) with CloudCraze (B2B) implementation

Re-platforming with SFRA

SFCC application support