Business Process Management & ERP

Business Process Management

Our business process management and workflows solution offers a spectrum of options, tailored to meet the diverse needs and maturity levels of our esteemed customer.​

With expertise and proven track record in BPM implementations, we are committed to delivering a solution that drives efficiency, agility, and innovation across the organization.


Experience with workflows

Drawing from our extensive experience in BPM projects, we present a portfolio of successful implementations:

Integration of Oracle BPM Suite & Primavera

Leveraging Oracle’s BPM Suite and Primavera, we orchestrated a seamless project initiation process encompassing project management, tagging, and progress tracking at various levels of granularity.

Utilization of AI-Powered Document Analyzer

Employing a COTS-based solution, we facilitated computer-assisted review of legal documents, extracting valuable insights from contracts and agreements using advanced AI technologies.

No/Low-Code Workflow Solution with Alfresco BPM

Empowering citizen developers, we implemented a workflow solution on the Alfresco BPM platform, enabling users to define and manage their workflows autonomously. Bespoke

Micro-Frontend & Microservice-based Solution

Crafting a tailored solution with microservices architecture, we integrated over 12 different systems of records and legacy solutions, providing a unified application for end-to-end process management, encompassing a vast repository of documents across various workflow phases

ERP Offerings

IT plays a key part in the expansion and growth of an enterprise. Count on us in IT enabling and automation of business processes of your company to enhance productivity, efficiency with low TCO and high ROI. Some of the implementations that we have done for our customers in this space are:

HR Management

Employee data management, Leave management, pay slips processing, automation of recruitment processes, reports and dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Data Collection and Inventory, Customer Membership Process automation, Email and Notification Alerts

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is one of the greatest assets for a company. We implement solutions for managing the knowledge and easy availability and access of the digital knowledge base to the consultants / employees of the company.

Business Directories and Classified Ads

Automation of business directories & yellow pages publishing system which works on subscription based model.

Automobile inventory management

Helping customers to maintain the vehicle records along with documents and alerts related to insurance renewals. It also has the in built driver management system for assigning the drivers to any vehicles.

Latin american sales woman working at a clothing store checking inventory using a tablet - Retail concepts
Latin american sales woman working at a clothing store checking inventory using a tablet - Retail concepts

Apparel inventory management

This solution helped fashion businesses to manage their inventory and seamlessly integrate the online and offline store to reflect the stock status in real-time.

Interior inventory & quote management

Interior solution companies are able to manage their products and schemes through this inventory system along with selecting the required products and schemes to generate the quotes for their vendors & customers both with ease.

Staff management system

This system helps organizations manage their staffs’ records and which can be seamlessly integrated with even our IoT based staff tracking solution.

Success Stories

Translation requests for seamless operation across diverse geographical regions and linguistic landscapes

Extracting insights from legal contracts & agreements, enhancing the efficiency & accuracy of the review process

Customer service request management platform by implementing a tailored cloud-native solution leveraging open-source technologies