Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Transformation Strategy with Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital transformation driven by Internet of Things helps organizations integrate & increase the use of digital technology & devices to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Throughout the world, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to innovate and grow. Digital transformation is an ongoing process helping organizations integrate and increase the use of digital technology to achieve long-term growth and be aligned with the fast-paced evolving industry.

By adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to interconnect physical devices, vehicles, machines, buildings, and other items with computers or other devices over the Internet, they have been able to achieve exponential growth

How does IoT enable digital transformation?

Accelerates digital transformation

Increases interactivity with clients

Reduces TOC

Improves customer experience

Improves productivity, efficacy, and efficiency

Improves decision-making

Increases revenue

Creates new investment opportunities

Enables remote support

Empowers business models

Scope to implement futuristic tools & technologies

Elements of successful IoT collaboration with Irisidea

We define the right IoT landscape for you to kick-start your IoT journey. A structured approach to understanding your business needs is used to identify the IoT needs and solutions, thereby accelerating your time to market with low risk.

We provide end to end full stack IoT solutions, starting from sensors and hardware to advance applications for almost every domain. Our solutions are reliable and have worked for our users.

We also customize our solutions to users’ environments and users’ needs to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Product Development

We will help you develop your IoT platform with our experience with platforms, domains & technologies.

Solutions Development

We will implement your custom IoT applications and workflows for your business need in a collaborative mode.manner

Managed Services

Offload your IoT tasks to our expert in order to reduce costs, improve service quality & expedite the time to market.

Technical Support

We can also work as a backbone to your in-house delivery team and provide ticket based support for your existing applications.

How do we put you on IoT Map?

Understanding the needs and problems

We first understand problems and the need for solutions and deep dive into them with the best of our minds.

Designing a solution

Once the problems and needs are clear our engineers design the solutions and after considering every possible aspect and factor the solution gets decided.

Proof of concept

Once the solution is ready, we develop the PoC quickly so that we get clarity on all the unknown factors and behaviors .

Implementing the IoT system

After all the calculations and clarity our engineers develop the solutions that full fill all the requirements desirably and surly.


We regress testing to ensure all the operations and the best user experience.

Deployment & support

We deploy 100% bug free system on cloud or on-prem and look after it with continual support to ensure a smooth running system.


The IoT in the wearable industry enables new possibilities by tracking your fitness to help physically challenged people. We provide compact stylish variable solutions that help in your day-to-day life and make your life easier and more efficient.

Transportation & logistics

IoT changed the transportation and logistics industry by making it more efficient and safer. We also provide a range of solutions for the same. Our solutions start from live goods and vehicle tracking to making it safest by providing complete health monitoring for vehicles to goods and by providing the most efficient way of doing the operations and minimizing the risks.

Monitoring & security

The IoT has had a transformative impact on the monitoring and security industry, revolutionizing how we safeguard people, assets, and environments. Our solutions provide all kinds of monitoring and the deepest security. It starts from simple Surveillance and Video Monitoring to the slightest anomaly detection and information systems.


Safety must be ensured at every place starting from your home, and office to mines and powerplants. IoT is getting used greatly in safety by informing and taking predefined steps in case of minute leakage in mines or maybe a fire at your workplace. Our solutions ensure the complete safety of our customers and make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Smart homes

Nowadays Everything is getting smarter including homes. IoT enables smart homes so that users can do their day-to-day work easily and efficiently. Smart homes not just ease life but also saves money by saving power and making things efficient. In smart homes, we provide a range of solutions starting from controlling your appliances from the internet to synchronizing all of your appliances so that you can control them on your own.


Agriculture is the lifeline of humanity but is also considered the most labor-heavy and risky field. IoT systems bring automation to agriculture and help the farmers. Our agriculture solutions include a variety of services starting from smart irrigation to pest detection and control. Our solutions maximize the crops and minimize the risk of pests and bad crops

Value delivered

Improved operational efficiency

Minimized TCO


Increased productivity

Improved safety measures

Reduce overhead

IoT based products by Irisidea

RouteEye || real-time vehicle tracking system

RouteEye is a SaaS based revolutionizing Fleet Management System that seamlessly integrates GPS and GSM modules to provide Real-time Vehicle Tracking data, helps in route planning, and anomaly detection.

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RETISS - real-time field-staff monitoring

RETISS is a simple, ready-to-use field-staff management system that seamlessly uses GSM module to provide Real-time staff tracking data, and helps in optimizing and monitoring staff resources. Anomaly detection keeps on alert to take necessary measures.

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