Application Services

Application services

Application services are meant to improve the speed, security, performance, scalability, efficiency & operability of applications that business is relying upon. Quality application services can be the difference between the success and failure of a business. A good strategy will ensure keeping up with the changes while still being consistent. 

Application services offerings

Application development & consulting

  • Application development with various technologies, frameworks and platforms.
  • Building secured and robust applications.
  • End-to-end application discovery, design, development, testing and delivery.
  • Covers various domains.
  • Cloud & on-prem applications.
  • Back-end, middle-ware & front-end development
  • API creations, third party integrations, multi-tier architecture.
  • New feature enhancements

Application modernization

  • Application Refactoring
  • Lift & Shift
  • Re-architect the whole solution
  • Re-build the existing application from scratch keeping the original architecture intact.

Application management

  • Proof of concepts, Prototyping
  • Version upgrades
  • Patch updates & regression fixes
  • Application deployment
  • Bug fixing
  • L1, L2 & L3 support
  • Application monitoring
  • Load-balancing
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts and Support.
  • Application Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • Database Administration &  Tuning

Business process automation & workflows

  • Integration of Oracle BPM Suite and Primavera
  • Utilization of AI-Powered Document Analyzer
  • No/Low-Code Workflow Solution with Alfresco BPM
  • Micro-front-end and Micro-service-Based Solution

ERP solutions

  • Inventory management for Automobile
  • Fashion store inventory solutions
  • Inventory and quotes management solution for Interior Companies
  • Staff management system

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