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Artificial Intelligence adaptation reality

Determine your business strategy for artificial intelligence (AI) applications to deliver new insights using machine leaning, deep learning and data science. 

Where do you stand in AI adaptation? Lets have some insight:

  • As per IDC, 23% of businesses have not identified the right software or algorithms for the AI solution they are considering, and remaining 77% feel limited by their existing infrastructure in place.
  • Only 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31% are expected to add it over the coming 12 months, according to Adobe.
  • The number of active startups has increased by 1400% since 2000, per Stanford University.
  • IDC predicts a 50.1 percent compound annual growth rate for global spending on AI, reaching $85 billion by the year 2025.
  • The share of jobs requiring AI has increased by 450% since 2013, per Adobe.
  • Around the globe, robot imports have increased from around 100,000 in 2000 to roughly 250,000 in 2015, according to IDC.

What we do with AI?

Artificial Intelligence Solution by Irisidea

With Irisidea’s AI collaboration, you will not only learn how to quickly move past your AI journey roadblocks, but also realize the much needed operational gains of machine intelligence.

Our Expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence comes with experience by choice of right tools and technologies employed for Data Mining, Data Segregation, Data Differentiation, Data Engineering and Analysis to Produce outcome of precisely predicted reports.


Wearable & Healthcare




Machine Learning


Integration & Middleware event driven

Our approach

Bring your AI goals to fruition

With Irisidea’s AI collaboration, you will not only learn how to quickly move past your AI journey roadblocks, but will also realize the much required operational gains of machine intelligence.

Elements of an impact and successful AI strategy

Integrated approach to hardware, software and data

Speed and flexibility

Right software and algorithms

How do we transform data?

Object detection

Object Image Detection, Image Text Extraction, Real Time Object Detection

Pattern based analysis

To analyze the buying pattern of any products and improve the sales in retail industry.

Biological image analysis

To analyze the MRI reports in Healthcare Industry

Natural language processing

For better Customer Relationship Management using Conversational Bots.

Sentiment analysis

Survey, feedback in organizations for process improvement.

Predictive analysis

Making assumptions and testing based on past data to predict future what/ifs.

AI & machine learning

Analyzes data, makes assumptions, learns and provides predictions at a scale and depth of detail impossible for individual human analysts.​

Behavioural analysis

To optimize the premium in the Insurance sector

Value delivered


Better precised predictions

Minimized TCO

Accurate ranging & scaling

Increased productivity

Success Stories

Conversational AI Bot

The client wanted a chatbot to assist end user log there day to day fitness activities, right from  what they eat to what work out they performed on a day…

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Predictive analysis for logistic

The business is into Monitoring and tracking the logistical movements of entities for various geographical locations…

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Personal social dashboard

The Personal Dashboard is an application that uses an individual’s Connections meta-data…

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Social listening industry dashboard

We provided top sales insights in their respective domain by collecting the data ….

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