Data Security

Data Security

Traditional security mechanisms are fragile when applied on huge volume of data. Data generation is a continues process for organizations irrespective of their domains.

Persisting data using distributed storage mechanism is not sufficient without a efficient security layer for authorization and authentication to avoid sensitive data theft, enables data privacy and so on.

Big Data Security

If your organization is already into leveraging Hadoop Data Lake as enterprise data platform, below are the few challenges what you would face.
– Safeguarding the Hadoop Data lake (HDFS) to limit the access only to authorized users
– Ensuring that, the authorized Hadoop users have access to only those data that they are entitled to access and not anything else.
– Protection of data at rest and in transit through encryption layer.

Install and Configure the required security frameworks in Hadoop Data Lake and Hive to meet your security requirement with the assistance from our data security specialists. In addition, we also have technical expertise to develop proof of concept (POC) to analyze your security requirement precisely using Apache Ranger, Apache Sentry etc.