Distributed Incubator

Distributed Incubator

The process of persisting data in various format is an integral part of any business. The data is turning out to be new “OIL” that can be effectively utilized to drive your business into the right direction to achieve the expected revenue growth. 

In today’s world, data from social media is playing a crucial role in understanding the customer’s sentiments and inclination. By extracting these details and loading them  into traditional databases after transforming them, for analysis is a very expensive and time consuming task.Distributed Data Incubator

We leverage Apache’s Hadoop Distributed File System to construct the Data Lake using commodity hardware or AWS Cloud with ELT concept.  It minimizes the time and money required for end to end process of extracting heterogeneous data, loading them into Hadoop Data Lake and finally transforming the data needed for analysis.

We can help business to construct the Data Lake that can be scaled linearly in a horizontal direction to achieve fault tolerance, unbounded storage capacity and replication to avoid any data loss. Below are the focal points that works as catalyst to boost the business growth as you adopt distributed data storage approach in the form of Data Lake .

  • A consolidated data platform for the entire organization
  • Centralized management of all the enterprise data
  • Cost reduction on infrastructure as well as licensing of third party software components.
  • Enforcing multiple security levels and privacy in terms of data visibility across the organization
  • Ability to blend different types of data, ingested from various data sources and subsequently achieve an accurate decision making  template to accelerate business insights.