Chat-bots & Voice Assistants

What is a ChatBot?

A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence chat program for automated service-customer interaction. Chatbots allow your customers to get an immediate response to their questions at any time. The Chatbot takes over handling the requests of your customers when service personnel is not or not yet available. With a Chatbot, immediacy and availability of your customer service can be significantly increased.

Our Chat-Bots Offerings

Moving your business where users use it most. Providing users access to information at their fingertips by where information is just a question away. Providing a conversation interface to users to query the information they need without having a human intervention.

We can help you build Conversation AI driven chatbot which will help you provide a better user experience and expand your each to customers.

We work extensively on Chat-bot development for various clients using the below platforms. We keep adding more platforms to our capability based on requirement and use cases. We design chat-bots in marketing, customer support, product selection, feedback and more.

We understand the nuances of this technology and how to structure and write conversations that will create chat-bot success.chatbots-voicebots-solutions-bangalore-irisidea

  • Dialogflow
  • Amazon Lex
  • Microsoft LUIS
  • Google Actions
  • Amazon Alexa Skills Kit
  • Landbot
  • Rasa

Currently we are providing consulting including development from scratch, production support, continual enhancement and support.

Our Experience With Chat-bots and Voice Assistance Bots Solutions

  • Chatbot developed for a FMCG firm to improve efficiency of there on-field and in-office staff in getting near to real-time sales data.
  • Developed a consumer based store locator bot for a FMCG firm during the Covid-19 lock down
  • Have worked on end-to-end development experience from designing the architecture to selecting a platform and development to go-live and support.
  • Have developed a software recommendation system using DialogFlow.
  • Alexa Skill for a Oil field in the US
  • Languages: Node.js, Angular, Firebase Functions (Cloud functions), AWS Lambda

Value Delivered

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Easy On-boarding Process
  • Automate Mundane Tasks
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Availability
  • Accessibility

Some of the common usage of Chat bots and Voice bots:

  • Quality Support Chat-bot
  • FAQ Chat-bot
  • Customer or Employee Self-service
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Reporting Chat-bot
  • Store Locator