Oracle Cloud Commerce (ATG)

Why Oracle Commerce Cloud is the smarter choice for your business​

Oracle Web Commerce (Formally Known as Oracle-ATG Commerce) Platform is a complete e-commerce suite which can be leveraged to transform your traditional way of doing business of buying/selling products from different channel into a comprehensive e-commerce marketplace. In a nutshell, online buying experience to your each customer. To enhance or create your branding in e-commerce arena, Oracle Web Commerce or Oracle-ATG Commerce is an excellent platform / framework where all the commerce related activities can be performed and the buying-selling processes can be smartly automated to achieve the business goal in a quick time efficiently.

On top of it, you as a business owner have the full control to customize every single component in the platform/frame work as per your business requirements.  Out of the box features like Personalization, Order submission, Inventory, Pricing, Taxation, Order fulfillment modules etc. make Oracle Web Commerce Platform easy to use and help businesses time to market.

Next generation commerce

Oracle Commerce Cloud is the next generation of the industry-leading Oracle Commerce platform (ATG and Endeca).

Oracle modernized the platform, focused on ease of use and extensibility, and automatic SaaS delivery to ignite fast innovation for our customers.

Proven, scalable platform with lower TCO

Succeeding in the next era of retail requires modern, flexible technology proven at scale. With the right platform, retailers can
move faster, integrate to powerful digital and stores systems, and focus on delivering a shopping experience that drives sales
and loyalty

Ultimate control and agility for business users

In the new era of commerce, being able to outpace customer demands and competitors is key.
Gartner ranked Oracle Commerce Cloud the highest of 18 top vendors for “fast, nimble implementations”2
– and
grants business users control over the site.

The latest technology for endless innovation

To get ahead of the changing world of commerce, you need a fast, stable and scalable commerce platform designed for today’s
(and tomorrow’s) commerce climate and innovative digital trends.

Total creative and branding flexibility

Oracle Commerce Cloud was designed to power direct-to-consumer brands, large omnichannel retailers, and complex B2B organizations.

Powerful AI and personalization at the core

Oracle AI is available with Oracle Commerce Cloud and can be used to present the right offers, product recommendations,
and relevant search results to shoppers from the moment they land on your site or open an email.

B2C and B2B In a single platform, single tool set

Oracle Commerce Cloud offers a single platform that can natively support both B2C and B2B transactions with a
single platform, single UI, and single cost,

Customer service embedded across the shopper’s journey

Oracle Commerce Cloud features included multichannel customer service applications for a 360° view of the
customer’s activity across a variety of channels.

Complete customer experience

Your commerce platform is just one way a customer will engage with your brand. If a company’s goal is to create a unified
Customer Experience, the smartest way to accomplish this is to use a unified solution.

Our value propositions

Successful ATG / Oracle Commerce Cloud deliveries

12 years of proven track record of implementing B2C sites

Customers across USA, Europe & Asia

Experienced & certified team

B2B & B2C experience

What we offer


Multi-Store, Multi-Brand, Multi-Vendor, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency solutions.


Integrating stores with several 3rd party tools/plugins/extensions

Continual enhance

Ongoing features updates in the site.


An eCommerce store running on any existing platform to any other platform


Creating a new website from the scratch


Of the code, data and performance

Maintenance & support

Post production Maintenance & Support


A store running on any version to latest

Custom store design

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

Range of markets

Health & beauty
Food & beverage
Home & living
Gifts & occasions
Real estate

Case studies

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

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