RouteEye – Real-time Vehicle Tracking System

Experience new era of efficient and secured fleet management

“RouteEye is a SaaS based revolutionizing Fleet Management System that seamlessly integrates GPS and GSM modules to provide Real-time Vehicle Tracking data, helps in route planning, and anomaly detection.”

RouteEye - Admin Dashboard


Vehicles tracking & inventory

Route management

Stop management

Driver management



Alerts & notifications

Organization profile

Access & identity management



Unparalleled accuracy

Elevate and empower your fleet management with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled accuracy in real-time tracking.


Track independently

Independently track and manage any vehicle on any route or stop.


Access from anywhere

Access the services from anywhere on any device, anytime.


Instant location data

It seamlessly integrates GPS and GSM modules to provide instant location data, route planning, and anomaly detection.


Pay for use

Choose only those features you require from the available options and pay for only what you use.


Inventory & management

In-built vehicles & drivers Inventory & management system.

Access control

Customized access & identity management for the application resources.


Alerts & notifications

Customized alert & notification mechanism for all the events for you to take right measures at right time.


Saas based

It offers a SaaS based solution and you do not need to worry about infrastructure setup, bugs & version upgrades.


Integration points

Ability to extend its functionalities by integrating external applications to monitor activities and analytics.

Time & distance & speed estimation

ETA accuracy
Provides users with real-time estimated time of arrivals for a vehicle at any stops. enhancing planning and scheduling.

Distance estimation
Displays accurate distance estimates to the destination, aiding in precise logistics and resource management.

Live speed tracking
Keeps users informed about the real-time speed of the vehicle, promoting safer driving practices and operational control.

Data-driven decision making
Utilizes time, distance, and speed data for informed decision-making and proactive adjustments to optimize fleet operations.

Anomaly detection and alert system

Proactive anomaly detection
Identifies unexpected events such as sudden stops, movements outside defined areas, or over-speeding in real-time.

Immediate notifications
Triggers instant alerts to designated individuals or teams when anomalies are detected, ensuring swift response.

Enhanced security masures
Strengthens security protocols by proactively addressing potential issues, safeguarding both assets and personnel.

Customizable alerts
Tailored anomaly alerts based on specific criteria, allowing for a personalized and adaptive notification system.

Multiple medium support
Sends alert message using multiple medium like SMS/Mail/Slack/WhatsApp.

User-friendly and cross device accessibility

Intuitive for all skill levels
Navigate the system effortlessly with a seamless UI, providing a consistent and intuitive experience.

Seamless web-based solution
Enjoy flexibility and convenience.with web-based interface accessible on laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablets.

Optimized user experience
Simplicity in user interface ensures ease to browse and navigate the system by any users.

Cross-device accessibility
Access anytime, anywhere, on any device, promoting efficient fleet management and tracking on the go.

RouteEye - Admin Dashboard

Core Offerings

Real-time tracking

Instant location updates using advanced GPS for precise fleet monitoring.

Vehicle Inventory

Access and manage essential vehicle information for informed decision-

Intuitive route planning

Effortlessly plan routes, add stops, and optimize logistics.

ETA, speed and distance calculator

Get estimated time and distance to reach any point on the route

Anomaly detection & alerts

Proactive alerts and email notifications for security and rapid response.

Cross-device accessibility

Monitor your fleet from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive design for seamless navigation and ease of use.

Cost-efficient fleet management

Optimize routes, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions.

insurance & Service Due Reminder

In-built vehicle  insurance renewal & service due date alerts mechanism.

Driver management system

Manage drivers’ database with their ID & address proofs, assign vehicles etc.

Ready to take
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