KafkaView – Real-time Kafka Cluster Monitoring

Real-time Kafka Cluster Monitoring

KafkaView is a browser based utility by Irisidea to monitor the multi-node distributed Kafka cluster at real-time, anytime to analyze and keep optimizing the resources to enable the cluster perform at its best always.



Browser based monitoring

On-prem installation through executable file


Easy to view the matrix

Single & Multi-node clusters

Simplest way to manage brokers

Monitor a distributed clusters


Very few Kafka monitoring tools in the market offer monitoring the distributed clusters & available for on-prem deployment like KafkaView does.


KafkaView is first of its kind to show the hardware metrics of each node in the entire horizontal cluster to help admin take the necessary actions in case of any high resource consumption during peak load.

KafkaView being a browser based tool, makes it user friendly and easy to use.

Empower Kafka Cluster Monitoring

Create, modify, delete topics

View brokers/nodes

View access control layer (ACL)

Browse messages in various data forms

View published messages

View hardware specifications of the clusters

View consumer groups

Monitoring consumer lag

View resource consumption for each broker/node

Kafka Topic Creation

Ready to Maximize
Distributed Kafka Cluster Monitoring?

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