RETISS – Real-time Staff-tracking System

Real-time field-staff monitoring

“RETISS is a simple, ready-to-use field-staff management system that seamlessly uses GSM module to provide Real-time staff tracking data, and helps in optimizing and monitoring staff resources. Anomaly detection keeps on alert to take necessary measures.”




Unparalleled accuracy

Empower your staff-management with cutting-edge technology with 95% accuracy in real-time tracking.


Track staffs independently

Independently track and manage any staff at any site.


Access from anywhere

Access the services from anywhere on any device, anytime.


Real-time Monitoring

It seamlessly provides instant monitoring of locations and movement of your field staffs.


Pay for use

Choose only features you require from the available options and pay for only what you use.

Improve the productivity

Keeps accountability in check

When a team member comes in or goes out of a geo-fence boundary, you get the real-time alerts.

Real-time field-staffs’ location
Keeps yourself informed by monitoring the location and movement of your field team members.

Data-driven decision making
Utilizes the data captured for informed decision-making and proactive adjustments to optimize the productivity of your field staffs.

Core Features

Real-time tracking

Instant location updates using advanced GPS for precise fleet monitoring.

Staffs inventory

Access and manage essential information of all the staffs deployed in the field-work.

Mobile app for staffs

Effortlessly plan routes, add stops, and optimize logistics.

Web-based admin dashboard

Sit peacefully and get overall activities snapshots through admin dashboard.

Geo-fencing events & alerts

Proactive alerts and email notifications for security and rapid response.

Configurable site-bundary

Define a boundary for every site within which staffs are allowed to move.

Work-sites management

Create, update and remove work-sites as and when required.

Access & identity management

You control which user gets how much authority over the software.

Staff-sites assigments

Quickly assign any staffs to a project site.

Configurable frequency of live data

Control how frequently you want the live data to be updated.

Lets improve
Productivity & accountability of staffs


  • How does staff tracking software works?

It keeps sending the current location of the staffs, which can be seen on admin dashboard on a  office TV screen or mobile.

  • Why monitoring is required for remote work-sites?

Monitoring your staffs helps you know about their mistakes. This gives managers an opportunity to provide them guidance in real-time and help wastage of time and effort.

  • Is staff monitoring legal?

Yes, it is completely fine and legal to monitor your remote or office staffs activities during the working hours.

  • How can staff-monitoring benefit your organization?
> Improve productivity
> Effective work execution
> Time tracking
> Streamlined workflow
> Build trust etc.
  • Who can use staff-monitoring software?

This is for remote, field-work, office, construction-sites, and distributed & hybrid teams. Use our software to better understand your staffs and improve their productivity in real-time.