Internet Marketing, SEO & SMO

Our analytical approach combined with our insight and strategic experience in Internet marketing consulting provides clients with a long-term competitive edge. Our marketing consultants work with clients throughout the duration of their business cycle, including needs assessment, strategic planning, implementation, and continual refinement.

Benefits of Irisidea working as an extension of your company:

  • We work with you to help formulate the best possible strategy for success.
  • We provide outside perspective and a diversity of viewpoints in addition to your industry.
  • We bring 11 years of experience in developing Internet marketing consulting strategies for small and medium businesses.
  • We understand the systematic process needed to properly assess and translate your needs into a fact based plan of action
  • We invest the necessary time and resources to move the process forward.
  • We can navigate through internal hierarchical and cultural challenges to deliver solutions consistent with higher level organizational goals.
  • Our process allows us to gain broad organizational buy-in through statistical research and best practices.

Our Commitment
To understand your business and existing knowledge base, merge this information with our expertise in Internet marketing consulting, and provide an action plan to formulate:

  • A vision for where your organization is going and a long term strategy focused on Internet technologies to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Incremental and systematic marketing consulting to improve your site’s ability to attract, retain, and convert traffic.
  • Improved understanding of trends and technologies as the Internet and visitor sophistication evolve, allowing your organization to invest strategically in technology, align it with your capabilities, and then make appropriate decisions in utilizing your resources
  •  Research and best practice techniques to maximize user experience through accessibility and usability enhancements to the interface
  • Enhanced ability to anticipate competitive threats within search engine placement to maximize your ROI
  • An understanding of emerging Internet frameworks, applications and technologies that will present new competitive threats and opportunities over the next decade, that includes social networks, blogs, viral marketing, performance search marketing, and Web 2.0 methodologies
  • An effective translation of your offline brand onto the Internet, providing an experience that differentiates your organization from competitors
Internet Marketing & SEO Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Website Analytic
  • Google Analytic
  • Social Profile creation
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