Koolanch – FAQs

Koolanch - FAQs

Koolanch is a smart intelligent data ingestion/ integration platform (www.irisidea.com/koolanch) connecting multiple varied sources to targets of choice without writing code so that you can focus on analyzing your data rather integrating and preparing it.

Koolanch lets you connect various types of data sources using pre-built connectors for structured databases, Enterprise/Web/Cloud apps, different types of files through FTP/ SFTP to your choice of data repository enterprise data warehouse, data lakes, data marts or cloud databases/ data warehouses.

It allows you to transform, enrich and cleanse your data while transporting your data in real time or on defined schedules by creating secure “data pipelines”.

Koolanch has pre-built connectors for various data sources, consumer grade usability and intelligent engines for auto discovery of data schema for data source and target, intelligent data field mapping engine, click-drag and drop interface for data quality, governance and transformation. Hence you build your data pipes by using connection credentials to connect to your sources and targets and then drag-drop-click without writing a single line of code.

It comes with inbuilt data dictionaries that are updated regularly that provides sufficient intelligence to recognize data types and data fields to provide auto/assisted data mapping features. Embedded deep learning algorithms keep building on this intelligence in context with your business and data environment.

Engineered by practitioners and industry experts, the platform has more than 10,000 rules that are specific to industry and various data-sets helping you with recommendations for data field level quality, compliance and governance.

Koolanch is right for your organization if you want to focus your effort on analyzing data, rather than spend most of your time in Data janitor work towards connecting, cleaning, transforming and integrating data from various sources. Koolanch can make data available for you to get insight from your data and you have one or all of the below scenarios

1. Disparate data sources
2. Multiple data sources
3. Building new DW (Data warehouse) or EDW (enterprise Data warehouse) or adding new data to existing DW/ EDW, data lake, data marts
4. If you are trying to access new data sets or new data source for analytics
5. If you are paying data scientists to prepare and cleanse data thus under-utilizing their skills
6. Heavy dependency on IT skills and IT team bandwidth to prepare data for business insights.
7. Migrating from legacy to cloud.
8. Data Center migration.

You can continue to use your ETL writing approach or continue to build new ETLs, but that will keep your dependency on ETL skills, cost and time before data is available to business before they can analyze it.

Finally, with Koolanch data pipes, you don’t have to worry about ETL code migration and maintenance.

No and yes

No, it’s not. Koolanch does not put demand of coding and technology skills on its users.

Yes, because it helps organizations and teams to achieve the same objective of data ingest, transform, transport and track.

These questions can help you make right decision:

1. Is number of data sources changing or constant?
2. Does the data schema for your existing data source change?
3. Is data schema of various sources complex and uses multiple data types/ models?
4. Does business growth tend to increase cost of IT staff and license costs?
5. Are you challenged with your existing ETL writing team skills and availability?
6. Is there a delay in serving internal customers for their data needs? Is that acceptable for business needs and customer satisfaction?
7. Is your team writing integration code for every new data source from new system?

Leverage: Out-of-Box functionality of Koolanch to connect-map-transform-transport in significantly less time and cost without writing code.

Contact us and we can discuss your scenarios and recommend.

Yes. Teams use Koolanch to cater to additional and time-sensitive data needs of business and data scientists along with other time-consuming ETL initiatives in flight.

Contact us and we can discuss your scenarios and recommend.

We at Irisidea understands and respect the sensitivity and importance of the data our clients have. Koolanch is built with industry defined data security policies and procedures. The platform has layers of securities built in to ensure all data is protected from unauthorized access while in transportation. We also leverage and run in Amazon Web Services’ secure environments.

Most importantly, Koolanch doesn’t store any of your data at any time. Data in rest resides within your system and your firewalls. Koolanch only moves data in motion during which your data is layered encrypted

No, Koolanch provides you with a data pipeline and your data in our system is while “data in motion”.

We do not persist your data at any time and keeps your data completely encrypted while it’s in motion.

Any data-in-error occurred while data movement, those errors are also stored within your databases and managed by your team to fix and move them successfully in subsequent run.

Koolanch captures all data errors in a secured space in your data storage using Koolanch’s Re-trans feature. Once these errors are fixed in sources, those data is securely transported to your defined target.

1. Real time streaming
2. On-demand
3. Scheduled for individual data source
4. Sequenced and scheduled for multiple data sources

1. Any type of Relational Database (RDBMS) – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
2. Standard File systems: SFTP/ FTP, JSON, XML, XLS, CSV
3. Social Media integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, etc.
4. Web/ Cloud/ Custom enterprise applications: Salesforce, Hub spot, etc.

Koolanch provides its users access to industry-standard, out-of-the-box data transformations that can be dragged, dropped and configured as they transport their data. Our list of transformations is an ever growing one as we work with our clients and more and more transformations are made available to them. Our list of standard transformation includes:

Joiner Union Data Obfuscation
Filter Intersect Lookup Transformation
Expression SCD Rank Transformation
Aggregator Data Quality Sort
Router Data Governance Sequence Generator

Koolanch uses a smart mapper that uses machine learning, text mining and in-built data dictionary to provide auto/ assisted mapping of meta data between source and targets. This helps our uses to avoid spend long hours in understanding both source and target data models and create a mapping structure.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up your Koolanch for your users.

Upon signing up for subscription, within minutes, you receive an email from us to set up your password to gain administrative access to Koolanch. From there, all you need to do is set up users with access to build the data pipes.

A user can set up and run a data pipes in 20-30 minutes.


Koolanch is built keeping business users in mind. One of the biggest challenge today’s business users face is to get data when they need.

With very minimal training or working closely with Data Analysts, Business analysts, business users can use Koolanch to get ready to analyze data that they need.

No, Koolanch doesn’t require a single line of coding to connect-map-transform-transport your data.

Yes, Koolanch mapper is an auto/assist data field mapper, which means it gives you complete flexibility to change your field mapping.

Koolanch also allows you to apply data quality and other rules those you want to your data.

Yes, Koolanch helps you manage duplicate data while transporting it to target of your choice.

No, Koolanch doesn’t let you write data to your data sources, unless you define data source application as data target.

Koolanch already provides options to integrate your data for B2B integrations. We are working to connect and bring IoT data in future version of Koolanch.

Yes, Koolanch provides a real time monitoring dashboard to track and monitor your data pipe, data movements, logs, etc. Currently the dashboard is available on our Web-based application. We are working on mobile dashboard and it will be available with future release of Koolanch.

Koolanch is a standalone service. It is a cloud-based service available Data integration platform as a service (Data iPaaS). If your security requirements and compliance prevent you to use cloud based iPaaS, Koolanch can be made available to you as an on-premise application as well. Please contact us to discuss Koolanch as on-premise option.

Yes, we provide one-month free trail with limited features. We also offer pilot program and proof of concepts to give you confidence that Koolanch is right platform for you.

We have flexible subscription options. Please contact us for more details.

We provide you with one fee option with no hidden cost and surprises. Please contact us for more details.