Koolanch Platform – Architecture

Koolanch Platform - Architecture

“Koolanch helps knowledge users (data scientists, data analysts) and business users to set up and establish connections with their data sources and targets, manage meta-data mapping, apply data transformation, quality and governance rules as data moves from any of your sources to your choice of data warehouse or data lake with a few clicks and in minutes.”


Integration framework

Our integration framework connects multiple data sources and target data warehouses and data lakes to the Koolanch. It comes with built-in native connectors to file systems, most databases, social media platforms, and a host of enterprise (cloud or on-premise) APIs.

The configurable architecture of the integration framework helps our engineers to deliver a connector for your specific needs without any delay to your data initiatives. It is engineered to help data ingestion for streaming, real time and batch data.

Metadata exchange

Upon authorization, metadata exchange auto-discovers the metadata of connected data sources and targets. It also presents the meta data in a user-friendly manner for creating data transports. The in-built intelligence engine helps user with auto/assisted mapping of source-target metadata.


The intelligence framework supports

  • Intelligent data field mapping with auto and assisted mapping features

  • Data quality and data governance compliance

  • Data transformation set up without writing code

Smart engines

Koolanch includes 4 smart engines to help users select, tweak, and apply data mapping, data transformation, data quality and governance rules. The built in self-learning captures users preferences and train the engines for automation and/or intelligent recommendations.


The scheduler provides users the option of launching data transports on-demand, on-schedule, or on the trigger of an event at the source.


Koolanch architecture has end to end security from establishing connections to data sources, targets connection for data pipes and data in transmission. It is built with various industry standard security and compliance features. Some of the key security features include

  • Architected to ensure data pipes are built between client data sources and data targets only. Data does not move to any other place including Koolanch cloud.

  • Dual encryption of data in transmission with dynamic keys

  • Supports basic Auth, OAuth or API keys for user authentication

  • Cloud connector gateway for secure connections

  • Compliance tools, monitoring and dashboards for auditing and data lineage

Platform administration and management

An assigned administrator will use the Platform Administration and Management module to perform

  • Create/Manage platform specific permissions

  • Create/Manage/Authorize data sources and targets

  • Supports basic Auth, OAuth, or API keys for user authentication

  • Configure quality and governance rules

  • Manage platform profile settings and the Payment module

Alerts and monitoring

Alerts and Monitoring provide Koolanch users notifications of various events, status progresses and exceptions. It supports a configurable dashboard and a communication path with multi-device (PC, tablet, smartphones) and multi-channel (email, text) notifications.

Koolanch has configurable and pre-built dashboards.

Re-trans and data-in-error

The Koolanch Re-trans mechanism is the safety net for your data. It’s a UI based wizard to fix data in error.

No matter whether the error occurs due to bad data quality, wrong processing, or code errors, we capture data-in-error separately and bring it back to transportation pipe after fixing the data so every piece of data reaches a destination.

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