• Bring data from a multitude of your enterprise sources​​
  • Connects multiple data sources and targets​
  • Seamless ingestion of data as its moves from source to target
  • Apply transformation, governance & quality rules during data flow
  • Ensure zero data loss
  • Transport your data to your choice of targets

Build data pipes in minutes with no coding for your data ingestion and integration needs

  • Ease of Use

  • Robust and Scalable

  • Secure and Monitored

Pre-built connectors to support multiple connectivity protocols and data/message delivery styles APIs for Web/Cloud/on-premise applications,  SFTP/FTP, XML, JSON, CSV, XLS, RBDMS, Hadoop, Cloud DBs – Redshift, S3, and many more.


No matter where your data resides, integrate your data via pre-built connectors for most popular data sources and targets.


Engineered for small and big data, startups, SMBs, and enterprises for ingestion of data from source to target​

Upon authorization, metadata exchange auto-discovers the metadata of connected data sources and targets. It also presents the meta data in a user-friendly manner for creating data transports.

The Koolanch Re-trans mechanism is the safety net for your data. It’s a UI based wizard to fix data in error, that ensures no data lost in transportation.

Our integration framework connects multiple data sources and target data warehouses and data lakes to the Koolanch.