Standard of Business Conduct

This Corporate Standard of Business Conduct (this “Standard”) declares the company’s compliance with legal requirements and states general standard of business conduct. It summarizes the high-level principles and business practices that express the company’s commitment to the public at large. This Standard applies to the company and its subsidiaries and affiliates. This Standard is not intended to cover every situation the directors, officers or employees of the company may face, nor does it replace other more detailed policies adopted by the company and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

IRISIDEA is a global company, and its business operations are subject to the laws of different countries. Cultural differences or local laws and customs may require a different interpretation of this Standard. If this situation arises, the Legal Division of IRISIDEA TECHSOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. or the legal department of its subsidiaries and affiliates are to be consulted before any action is taken.

The company is committed to continually reviewing and updating its policies and procedures. This Standard, therefore, is subject to modification. This Standard supersedes all other such codes, policies, procedures, instructions, practices, rules or written or verbal representation to the extent that they are inconsistent.

Elements of Business Conduct

  • Honest and Ethical Business Operation
  • No harassment no discrimination
  • Maintaining business records
  • Respect of intellectual property rights
  • Gifts rules
  • Cyber-security
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Safe worksites & assets
  • Comply with business rules
  • Work with vendors responsibly
  • Win the right manner
  • Social contribution
  • Better work culture
  • Disclosure
  • Discovery of Issues and prompt measures
  • Opportunities to enhance individual capabilities
  • Global Business

Honest and Ethical Business Operation

IRISIDEA will always comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and carry out its business operations with trust, respect, integrity and honesty, in accordance with common sense and prudent business practices. Ethical business conduct is critical to our business.

All IRISIDEA employees must support this mission by abiding by the following principles:

We follow the law
We are honest
We treat each other with respect

No harassment no discrimination

IRISIDEA will promote a harassment-free work environment and we do not discriminate. Our work together depends upon trust and respect. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Maintaining business records

IRISIDEA will receive personal information and customer information only to the extent necessary to carry out business operations, and will use them for the purposes contemplated, and in accordance with applicable laws, paying sufficient attention to protection of privacy. Also, IRISIDEA will use reasonable efforts to manage properly the personal information and customer information so stored and to avoid unauthorized release or misappropriation of such information.

Respect of intellectual property rights

IRISIDEA will protect the works and achievements created by research and development activities, through intellectual property rights, and will utilize those works and rights actively. IRISIDEA will also use reasonable efforts not to infringe upon intellectual property rights of others.

Gifts rules

Gifts, meals, travel, and entertainment constitute items of value that we may give to third parties only in appropriate circumstances. You need to take the utmost care when you are contemplating giving anything to a third party.
Never give anything to anyone in circumstances that could improperly influence business decisions, or even create the appearance of improper influence.


IRISIDEA employees, we are the first line of defence against security breaches and inappropriate disclosure of critical information. A breach of our information systems can harm individuals and weaken our competitive position. You must do your part by maintaining the integrity of IRISIDEA’s information systems and reporting any issues of concern immediately.

Why is cyber-security critically important and why you should report data security incidents?
Data security breaches can have a direct impact on our employees and our business. If you become aware of a cyber-security risk, you must report it immediately so we can take appropriate action.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest can exist in any situation where loyalties may be divided between our company’s interests and our own, or between IRISIDEA’s interests and those of anyone outside IRISIDEA. Be sure to make decisions in the best interests of IRISIDEA.
Most conflicts of interest can be avoided by following the rules in IRISIDEA’s Conflicts of Interest Policy. We are all responsible for using good judgment to evaluate activities that may result in a conflict of interest, along with asking questions and sharing with managers any concerns about potential conflicts.
Outside employment
Financial interests
Personal relationships
Use of IRISIDEA resources

Safe worksites & assets

Whenever you are conducting IRISIDEA business, you use IRISIDEA’s assets. These assets are valuable to IRISIDEA and our work together, and they require protection.

As IRISIDEA employees, you are expected to safeguard the integrity of our sensitive and confidential information, and our intellectual property, by taking appropriate steps to avoid unauthorized disclosure. You also must use IRISIDEA’s physical property wisely and ethically. And finally, you must abide by rules designed to keep our workplaces safe and secure.

In all cases, you should take the time to consider how your decisions will impact you, your colleagues, your work environment, and IRISIDEA’s reputation.

Confidential and Sensitive Information
IRISIDEA Worksites

Comply with business rules

Other sections of this Code incorporate your general legal and ethical obligations as IRISIDEA employees. This section addresses several specialized compliance frameworks. You need to be familiar with these areas to ensure that IRISIDEA abides by the law wherever we do business.

Global trade
Supply chain
Political contributions

Work with vendors responsibly

In other sections of this Code, we address our expectations for your behavior as an IRISIDEA employee.

Because IRISIDEA regularly engages with third party partners – including channel partners, suppliers and vendors – and because we expect our third party partners to win the right way too, you must be able to recognize potential misconduct. You must act to address and report promptly any concerns.

Win the right manner

At IRISIDEA, we aspire to ethical leadership. We want to win the right way, every day. How do we live up to that aspiration?
• We make ethical decisions.
• We report misconduct, and we never retaliate.
• And we cooperate with investigations and audits when we are called upon to do so.

Our collective good conduct and decision-making is important. When we act with integrity, we work better together and build trust with our suppliers, partners and customers.

To that end, our Standards of Business Conduct provide guidance for all IRISIDEA employees and for members of IRISIDEA’s Board of Directors. Everyone must follow the rules articulated here and in the underlying policies referenced here. And because we take our commitment to ethical behavior seriously, violations of these rules can lead to disciplinary sanctions, including termination of employment.

Act ethically
Report concerns and do not retaliate
Cooperate with investigations and audits

Social contribution

IRISIDEA will commit itself to active contributions to societies/communities, and will support the employees’ voluntary participation to social activities.

Better work culture

IRISIDEA will create and maintain comfortable work environments, paying attention to workplace safety as well as focusing on comfort, orderly arrangements and cleanliness.


IRISIDEA will disclose necessary and sufficient information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, in order to make sure that IRISIDEA financial conditions and results of operations will be appropriately assessed and understood.

Discovery of Issues and prompt measures

IRISIDEA will establish appropriate internal systems and structures for corporate governance, in order to grasp internal issues in a timely manner and to promptly take precautionary actions against them. Should there be any problem during the ordinary course of business, IRISIDEA will cope with such problems, properly and promptly, and initiate any necessary corrective measures with all due speed.

Opportunities to enhance individual capabilities

IRISIDEA will provide opportunities to the employees that want to work hard or to enhance or expand their own capabilities, while respecting diversity, individual character, and the personality of each employee.

Global Businesses

IRISIDEA will carry out global businesses in a manner that respects local customs and cultures, and will use reasonable efforts to contribute to the social and economic development of each community.