Bots case studies-1

Health Check Bot



For one leading healthcare & fitness company based out of USA.

The client wanted a chatbot to assist end user log there day to day fitness activities, right from  what they eat to what work out  they performed on a day.

Our effort vastly helped to achieve not only the company’s goal to retain the existing customers, but also to tap more customers with reduced support cost.


  • Improve sales and operations and production planning:
    The client had a team of beginners who were working on the project which would cause  some amount of roadblocks in  terms of complex tasks and  integration tasks.


  • Slow application development


  • Guided the team on resolving blockers tasks
  • Help with initial setup and integration of Nutritionix API
  • Custom Authentication Setup using JWT


  • More précised predictions

  • Minimize the TCO

  • Accuracy in ranging and scaling

  • Increased call center productivity by 300% through ChatBot.

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