Custom multi-vendor eCommerce platform for an online grocery store​

Custom developed the multi-vendor eCommerce platform for a grocery store

Idea conceptualization, design, development, and continual support were outsourced to offshore India team.

Boons Delivery App

This customer is an USA based start-up trying to setup an multi-vendor online grocery store and needed handheld from step 1 until platform launch.

The effort vastly helped the startup finds its feet and start doing real business. 

In later stage we also helped them built a delivery app for buyer to order from their mobile app and get the grocery delivered through driver’s delivery app.


The biggest challenge was to understand and also suggest the business model and visualize the future platform, create the prototypes and get into skin of everything to finalize it finally.  

Understanding the behavior patterns of the buyers in the region was also challenging as part of our research.

Analyzing the existing eCommerce platforms and preparing the comparison metric was quite lengthy and tedious process.


We used custom made solution as most of the affordable platforms were either not providing the required features or were too costly on license.

The solution was the result of enormous effort from the team and close collaboration including daily sync up with the customer. 


We delivered a clean multi-vendor online grocery platform with many local vendors on-boarding.

We kept improving the user experience and new features to make the platform more user friendly and stable.