Java Developer (AWS, S3, SQS, SNS, LAMBDA and DYNAMODB)



Java Developer (AWS)


As Per Market Standard


8 years

Primary Skills:

Java 1.8, Spring Boot, Microservices, S3 SQS SNS LAMBDA AND DYNAMODB

Relevant Exp.

6 years

No. of Positions


Work Location(s):

Hyderabad / Pune / Gurugram

Role & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for continuously driving best practices and consumer experience improvements
  • Focus on enforcing core operations principles through the development and continuous delivery processes.
  • Accountable for helping with AWS cloud infrastructure, supporting observability instrumentation, and uncovering any gaps for production systems, and put in place mitigations to lower the effects of any failures on consumers.
  • Establish observability solutions and build tooling to improve our automatic failure detection and develop focus
  • Also perform deep problem analysis, detect infrastructure problems versus code defects, define and report on scale metrics and incidents and provide long term solutions for reporting.
  • Should possess the ability to observe, diagnose, and develop fixes for production issues quickly and efficiently, to develop and drive real time monitoring solutions that provide visibility into site health and key performance indicators and monitor daily operation services to keep stabilized IT services.
  • Provide training and coaching on Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques for Maintenance Technicians
  • Take ownership and build capability for RCA investigations, implementations, follow ups and tracking to ensure that all RCA opportunities are thoroughly addressed, and results are accurately documented.
  • Be the liaison between the Maintenance, Production and Engineering departments to ensure an effective preventative maintenance process, which includes Autonomous Maintenance (AM) support, flourishes throughout
    the facilities.
  • Lead our maintenance team in the Price Optimization of documentation and protocols needed for a comprehensive Planned Maintenance program (PM).
  • Documentation to lead and support reliability and failure analysis efforts. Ensure partners have high visibility of failures, action plans, root causes, and repeat issues o Provide coaching and guidance to maintenance team as well as ability to work cross functionally.



  • GitHub, Node/React, Docker
  • Java8/11: Lambda, Streams, multi-threading, Collections Scripting
  • Bash, python
  • AWS: EC2, Lambda, ELB, S3, SNS, SQS, Far gate, IAM, Route53, Firehose, Batch, ECS, ECR, cloud watch,
  • Protocols: HTTP/HTTPs, FTP/SFTP
  • Security: SSO, Okta (all types of auth)
  • OS: Non-windows (Mac and Linux)
  • Scripting: Node JS and React JS
  • IAAS: terraform, cloud formation
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Gradle
  • Web: Spring boot, Jetty, REST API
  • Frontend: Node/React
  • Containers: Docker
  • DB: Dynamo DB and RDS
  • Cache: Radis
  • Logging: Splunk
  • Testing tools: Junit, Mockito o Version control: GitHub
  • Experience ranges from 5+ yrs.

Functional Area

Product Development


Bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience

Soft Skills

  • Proficiency to handle complex and quality demanding jobs.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and collaboration skills to effectively communicate with both
    business and technical teams.
  • Should have technical bent of mind.
  • Should have problem solving, prioritizing tasks, multi-tasking abilities.
  • Should be able to understand and handle tasks independently.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, result-oriented environment.
  • Very good in Analytical skills
  • Delivers quality work on time
  • Provide multiple approaches and solutions to problems
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, result-oriented environment.

Notice Period:

15 Days

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Job Status:


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