Oracle ATG Commerce & Endeca Developers

Oracle ATG Commerce & Endeca Developers

We at Irisidea are always on lookout for a great talent to include in our team, who can become a part of our growth story. Please find below the list of available positions and submit your application if they interest you.


Oracle ATG Commerce & Endeca Developers


Minimum 2 years of hands-on experience is required.

Project Location(s):

Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA & possibly East Coast, USA



Job Description:

Oracle ATG platform: 
-Development experience on an Oracle ATG platform
-Hands on Experience in ATG modules like Shopping cart, Order Manager, Checkout, Cart Modifier Form Handlers and User Profile.
-Hands on Experience in creating ATG components like Repositories
-Hands on Experience in integration of Web services with ATG Pipeline Processors.
-Hands on Experience in extending Promotions for adding extra attribute for directv specific rules and modified the form handlers for handling extra rules
-Experience in the project/assets creations in BCC and Merchandising.
-Hands on Experience in Configuring the Repositories for the ATG Commerce application server.
-Experience in Creating Repository assets, file assets setting up the content administration framework,
-Experience in extending catalogue repository, Order Repository, user profile repository.


  • Experience in Endeca Developer Studio / Pipeline Configuration
  • Experience in Endeca Workbench and PageBuilder
  • Experience in Endeca Presentation API (Java)
  • Experience in Endeca Content Acquisition Framework
  • Experience in Endeca SEO / SEM Module highly desired / PLUS
    Experience in Endeca Content Assembler is a PLUS
  • Extensive working experience with Endeca Experience Manager is MUST.
  • Experience in design and creation of EXM cartridge templates and developing java layer for results processing using Endeca Assembler API is required.
  • Hands on experience writing cartridge handlers for custom cartridge logic is required.
  • Experience in Endeca ITL configurations using Developer Studio and configuring properties, dimensions, precedence rules.
    Experience in Endeca SEO / SEM Module highly desired
  • Experience in creating and integrating content-driven applications on top of CQ5 core platform and integrate with E-commerce solutions and Endeca is a PLUS
  • Experience in building a responsive website using Endeca or CQ5 is desirable
  • Development experience on an Oracle ATG platform is desirable.


Job Type:

 This will be a 12 month contract which could get extended most likely


Minimum 2 years of hands-on experience is required. 


Engineering Graduates

Notice Period:

0-15 days

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