Oracle DW / BI Architect

Oracle DW / BI Architect

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Oracle DW / BI Architect (Full time/Contract)


10 years or more

Project Location(s):

Remote working is okay



Roles & Responsibilities:

  • This role is primarily responsible for the integration of information within a given business unit.
  • Information integration comprises both application integration and data integration.
  • In terms of application integration, the DIA must be cognizant of the various methods by which applications may interface and the associated pros/con associated for a given method. For example, DIA should know when a synchronous call or an asynchronous call is appropriate between applications.
  • The DIA should be able to compare and contrast “SOA” architecture with an “event-driven” architecture as it applies to application integration.
  • In addition, the DIA should understand the notion of “data locality” as it relates to data consumption and polyglot storage (e.g., various nosql data stores – column stored, doc-based, graph-based, etc.).
  • In addition, the DIA should be familiar with the design of data-intensive applications, which are horizontally scalable, reliable, and maintainable.
  • The DIA must be familiar with designing distributed systems and the associated patterns. For example, the DIA should know that the “compensating transaction” pattern should be used when there is failure during distributed transaction to bring the system to a consistent state.
  • The DIA should be familiar with the “pub-sub” patterns, encoding that is forward and backward compatible The DIA should be able to discuss “shared-nothing” architectures and understand the difference between “replication” and “partitioning” as it relates to distributed architectures.
  • Moreover, the DIA should be able to explain the difference between ACID & BASE.
  • They should be familiar with event-sourcing and the CQRS pattern.
  • The DIA must be familiar with batch-process and near-real time stream processing (e.g., Kappa and Lambda Architectures).
  • In addition, the DIA should be familiar with polyglot storage and when a particular storage is warranted.
  • The DIA must be able to design for distributed system and familiar with patterns

Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 4+ years of experience in PHP/MySql and at least 1+ years of experience in Magento eCommerce platform
  • Advanced Experience with Magento and Magento theming
  • Experience in designing and leading B2B, B2C, multi-site and multi-country, end-to-end implementations of eCommerce platforms
  • Strong coding experience using PHP(both front end and back end) ,Jquery,HTML, CSS, MySql in a LAMP environment
  • Build custom functionality and integrations with first and third party software
  • Develop and maintain code for custom extensions to be released as third party add-ons
  • Create and maintain technical documentation using defined technical documentation templates
  • Recognize and evaluate performance critical areas
  • Produce clean, well-documented, efficient, and standards compliant code from written technical specifications
  • Strong analytical & debugging skills along with Query Tuning, Code profiling is recommended
  • Must have done at least one enterprise level implementation of Magento
  • Should be able to quickly analyze the fitment of the Magento Commerce for the business problem, identify gaps and suggest solution around Magento with minimum customization
  • Should be passionate about coding and able to mentor the junior team members as part of execution
  • Should have rich experience in data migration and working in a highly integrated enterprise application
  • Must be able to contribute effectively in defining the architecture/design of solution and implementation
  • Must be able to independently handle all modular designs and has the ability to see through modular issues.
  • Must be able to work with the project manager in mapping the project lifecycle, outlining the WBS & overall schedule, and set / review the overall quality of deliverable.



10 years of enterprise data architecture experience on Oracle suite of products
5 years of Business Intelligence platforms and Oracle EBS Human Resources, Global Payroll and/or Absence Management modules experience
3 years of Oracle Discoverer and/or OBIEE
3 years of data governance exp.


UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization

Functional Area:

Product Development

Soft Skills

Good communication, analytical and presentation skills, problem solving skills and learning attitude

Notice Period:

0-15 days

Posted On:


Job Status:


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