Use Case: Customer request management platform using BPM

Bespoke custom solution for customer request management platform using BPM

The client is a prominent multinational utility provider.

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- The project entailed the development of a long-term strategic solution aimed at optimizing the customer request management platform. This solution needed to be seamlessly scalable on both public and private cloud infrastructures to accommodate a high volume of customer requests.

To modernize age-old legacy request management platform by implementing a tailored cloud-native solution leveraging open-source technologies addressing various stages of request origination, evaluation, and decision-making.

To Facilitate document-based reviews with secure document storage based on specified retention policies.


  • To redesign their legacy customer request management system, the solution should eventually replace the legacy system.
  • To capture supporting documents for customer claims, integrate business intelligence, and track process metrics for continuous improvement.
  • The solution to be seamlessly integrated with both legacy and modern applications, with provisions for future expansion through AI capabilities


  • Evaluation of platforms: Conducted extensive evaluation of various platforms and BPM products to determine the optimal solution for the project requirements. Selected a custom bespoke application development approach to tailor the solution precisely to the diverse needs of the customer request lifecycle.
  • Leveraged Domain Driven Desing :Applied domain- driven design principles, utilizing event storming sessions to analyze command flow and aggregate Domain Events relevant to the customer request management system.
  • Extendable Frontend : Developed the frontend application as a micro frontend application, facilitating easy integration of new workflow modules as necessary.
  • Backend for Orchestration : Implemented backend microservices using Spring Boot Java applications, ensuring seamless integration with data stores and other systems.
  • Scalable solution: Deployed the entire solution on a large Kubernetes cluster, providing scalability options for future expansion, including potential migration to public cloud environments to meet scaling requirements.

the team

Team was Proficient in domain-driven design – driven backed application development.