Use Case : Managing translation requests for seamless operation using BPM

Bespoke custom solution for managing translation requests for seamless operation using BPM

A global electronics retail brand with presence in multiple countries.

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The primary objective of the project was to develop a system that helps in managing translation requests for seamless operation across diverse geographical regions and linguistic landscapes.


To engineer a solution that would centralize the process of language translation requests. This entailed facilitating seamless collaboration between in-house language specialists and external vendors, thereby optimizing workflow efficiency.


  • Process Refinement: defined and optimized the language translation request process, identifying and remedying potential bottlenecks to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Workflow Deployment: Utilizing an open-source BPM platform to deployed a workflow engine to host language translation requests workflows.
  • Application Development: In tandem with workflow deployment, developed intuitive web and mobile applications, seamlessly integrated with the workflow infrastructure.
  • Rule Engine Implementation: Deployed multiple rules to automate the routing of translation requests to appropriate vendors, facilitate quotation gathering, and enable efficient review and approval processes.
  • Dashboard: Process-specific metrics were captured and visualized on a custom dashboard to provide stakeholders with actionable insights

the team

  • Team had expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, using open source BPM platform.