Conversational AI Bots

Revolutionizing conversations through bots

A Chat-bot is an artificial intelligence chat program for automated service-customer interaction. Through conversational bots users interacts with your web service through task modules, interactive cards, and texts. Chat-bots allow your customers to get an immediate response to their questions at any time.

Conversational bots are incredibly flexible and can handle a few simple commands or complex, artificial-intelligence (AI) powered and natural-language-processing (NLP) virtual assistants. NLP is a technological process that allows computers to derive meaning from user text inputs, hereby adding a more human touch to the chat-bots for the public use. With a NLP Chat-bot, immediacy and availability of your customer service can be significantly increased.


Conversational AI helps take the pressure off the agents by fielding front-line, often common questions and your agents can easily focus on building relationships with customers across the customer journey without increasing costs. When you integrate a conversational bot in your applications, your customer love to interact with your business.

Do the business, the bots way

  • Moving your business where users use it most. 
  • Providing users access to information at their fingertips.
  • Providing a conversation interface to users to query the information they need without having a human intervention.
  • Selling products by giving buyers options through conversation and not through catalog browsing.

We help you build Conversation AI driven chat-bot for a better user experience and expanding your reach to customers. We understand the nuances of this space and what it takes to structure and write conversations that creates a successful conversational bot.

We work extensively on Chat-bot development for various domains and on a number of platforms and keep adding more platforms to our capability. We design chat-bots in marketing, customer support, product selection, feedback and more.

Bots we have developed so far..

Quality support chat-bot

FAQ chat-bot

Customer or employee self-service

Employee on-boarding

Reporting chat-bot

Store locator bots

Value delivered

Improved operational efficiency
Reduced overhead
High availability
Improved customer experience​
Easy On-boarding Process
Save on cost
Increased customer engagement
Improved customer experience​
Better accessibility

Case studies

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Bots case studies-2

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