Facebook data extraction using R

Facebook data extraction using R & data processing in Data Lake

Social Media Big Data FactWithout detailed visibility of social media data, it’s extremely tough for the brands to decide on their products and marketing strategy. Almost 94 per cent of buying decisions are based on exponential growth of user participation on social media (mainly on Facebook). Facebook is playing a critical role to increase brand awareness. Businesses need to transform digital native customers into brand advocates and this can only be done if the relationship has been nurtured. The key for brands is to encourage consumers to endorse the brand and play a real part within the business.

Facebook data mining is becoming a major factor in taking accurate business decisions by analysis of user posts, comments, likes, shares etc. as well as the sentiment analysis on business page. To analyse data, we should have proper mechanism to extract data from the business page. With effective utilization of R, a programming language for statistical analysis and Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) with ELT (Extraction, Loading and Transformation) approach, this E-Book has describe in details how we can perform Facebook data mining.